What kind of wife are you praying for your son to have?

When we look at the great men of faith, what character qualities did they display?
What character qualities did their wives display?

Noah was a righteous man with a sincere faith. Mrs. Noah must have been a supportive wife, for there is no record of her questioning him, complaining to him, nor doubting him. She followed him into the Ark, even though she had never seen a drop of rain. We do not see a woman who is ashamed of her husband’s foolish behavior. No, we see a submitted wife who trusted that her husband was following the Lord’s leadership in his life.
Abraham moved around and lived in tents. When the Lord asked him to move, he moved. He was obedient. His wife was willing to go wherever he went. She did not look at everyone else’s house and say why can’t we be like that family over there. Everyone else is living this way. Why can’t we have a home like that? Abraham must have established a loving leadership in his home. He must have chosen a wife who loved him for who he was and not for what he could give her. She was willing to go wherever he went.
Moses stood up for what was right no matter what it cost him. He was willing to live with the slaves and would rather live right than to live in a palace and be wrong. He was a man of integrity. Mrs. Moses did not grumble that they could be living in a palace and have prominence if he would have just stayed in the graces of the king. No, she had the utmost respect for her husband and was content under his leadership.
Joshua was faithful even when what was requested of him did not make sense. Mrs. Joshua was not critical. She did not say “Are you sure that’s what you’re supposed to do? March around for 7 days blowing trumpets?”
Excerpt from ‘My Son, If You Accept My Words’

Two Men…Igniting A Vision

For my first post, I want to share about an encounter the Lord allowed me to witness between two men a few years ago. He used this encounter to ignite a vision for what my heart’s desire would be for my son, long after I am gone.

This happened a few years ago…probably around 2011 or 2012.

While waiting to see a “Doc in the Box” at a drugstore, I saw two older men walking to the pharmacy. Something about them drew my attention. These men looked to be in their late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. After a little time had passed, I saw the two of them making their way back down the aisle. The one man, noticeably in need, reached out and hugged the other man. As he hugged this man, the man, very sincerely, placed his arm around the one in need and spoke with him so kindly. It was very touching. I don’t know this to be true, but I felt in my spirit that this man must be witnessing to the in-need man. As they walked past, it became apparent that the man meeting the need had paid for the other man’s prescription. As they came even closer, I could overhear the one asking the other, “What about gas? Do you need any money for gas?” The in-need man responded inaudibly and then just hugged the other man. It was a precious sight. I thanked the Lord for allowing me to witness that encounter. After praying, I thought about those two men and began wondering about their lives. What led them to the place that I encountered them in? I began to really think about the man that was meeting the other man’s needs and how he had to have been made aware of this need. He then had to make the choice to meet the need. He had to choose to make the time and be willing to give of his money. There was just a genuine sincerity to him that was present in his countenance in just the few moments that I saw him. I thought about how at one time he was someone’s little boy. I thought of his mother. I began to imagine her being a godly mother. She must have taught him well to serve the Lord. How pleased she would be to know that her son was showing God’s love by witnessing and ministering to those in need. I thought about how ‘this’ is the measure of success. We must be careful not to focus on whether the world will accept our children but rather focus on what is acceptable unto the Lord. Knowing that my child is choosing to do what is right and serving the Lord long after my work is done, that thought blesses my heart and gives me peace and joy beyond all understanding. If he has learned to humble himself, die to himself, and follow Christ, then, and only then, has the task at hand been much completed. Only by the Lord’s Grace will we accomplish much, not by our strength, but by His.

“And I pray this: that your love will keep on growing in knowledge and every kind of discernment, so that you can determine what really matters and can be pure and blameless in the day of Christ.”(Philippians 1:9-10).


Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome. My name is Sondra Lee, author of My Son, If You Accept My Words. I’m so happy to have you as a visitor to my blog about my new book. This project is very special to me, and I hope to share some of that excitement with you here.

I’ll be using this blog to interact with you about My Son, If You Accept My Words, expanding on some of the topics in it and blogging on some of the ideas related to my book. This is a great place for you to get to know me, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you, too. What did you think of My Son, If You Accept My Words? What questions do you have for me? How do you relate to my book?

I’ll be returning here frequently with new posts and responses to feedback from you. Until next time, tell me a little bit about yourself.